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Anzer Honey Cooperative

06 September 2017

Attention to our valued customers. At the end of August, Anzer Honey will be ready to purchase on 15.09.2017. Thank you in advance for your understanding for DELAY.

Our customers who want to place an order by calling to our cooperative by our contact numbers or by e-mail can pre-order the products. Our products are still limited however, Propolis and royal jelly sales continue.

Hacettepe University does not provide Anzer honey tests for individual or personal companies.
Only Sales authority of ANZER honey IS the COOPERATIVE.
Foreign beehives entrance in Anzer pleteau is forbidden.

We see that some people who are not related to Anzer are doing Anzer Honey Sales by non-original addition brands. These people do not have any relevance with our village and Genuine Anzer Honey

Below, we offer individuals who are not involved with our Anzer Village and Cooperative. Attention of our valued customer

''Anzer Cooperative ”,“ Anzer Honey Cooperative ”,“ TSE Approved Anzer Honey ”“ Anzer Ballı Village Corporate Site ”” Anzer Cooperative Site ” “ Hacettepe University Analyzed Anzer Honey'' companies, individuals and organizations that do not have any relation in the following web pages are presented to the public.




Have you seen our detailed video about the laboratory tests of honeys?
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