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anzer pollen-2.jpg (67 KB)How to use Anzer Pollen:

  • As mentioned earlier, pollen are the only natural food that maintains all necessary ingredients for the development and growth of the organism in proper balance.

    Pollen should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, at least one hour before breakfast or at least 4 hours after dinner, preferably before bedtime with warm milk or fresh fruit juices 

    How to use (consume) Anzer pollen
    18 + age group (young adults - adults) 15-40 gr
    6-12 age group (children) 10-15 gr 
    3-5 age group (babies) 5-15 gr 
    One tablespoon of dry pollen is about 10 g.

Anzer pollen

Children under 0-2 years of age are not recommended to consume honey and pollen. 

It is recommended to be consumed at least one hour before meals on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.

Ingredients of Anzer Pollen; Pollen is the reproductive cells found in the end parts of the reproductive organs of plants.
Pollen is used by the bees in large quantities in the feeding of young and in the feeding of young worker bees secreting royal jelly.
Pollen, which is an important source of protein in bee nutrition, is a valuable nutrient due to its fats, carbohydrates, fibers, minerals, amino acids and
phenolic compounds and vitamins.
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  • Babies; Morning and evening at least one hour before the meal with an empty stomach. You should give a teaspoon with warm milk or water also you may make sherbet.
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