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Anzer Honey Cooperative, Important Announcement


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It seens that some of the illegal sites which try to sell anzer honey with none relation with us and using our brand name, which is s.s. anzer ballıköyü cooperative, please while you are purchasing the honey, first contact us and ask us that is the product belongs us or not and also ask that is there any mark or seal on the jars which is ours. İf any doubt please contact us by the phone numbers from our contact list.

And please be aware of individual people or private companies aren’t allowed to analyse the anzer honey except cooperatives. Hacettepe university analysing the anzer honey only for cooperatives. The authority of purchasing of anzer honey belongs our cooperative.
Clients may purchase the anzer honey from our cooperative office which is in centrum of rize right opposite of new square next to the AVVA clothing brand or for online shopping you may visit our sites and safely.

The other universities and honey analysis labs are not allowed to analyse anzer honey, the only right of analyse belongs to Hacettepe university due to they have already examined the flora of anzer village and they are the only crew that have the specific and endemic samples of anzer village Producers breeding the anzer honey for cooperatives to sell and Anzer Honey is not authorized to sell to any private company which is the one that

The honey jars of you bought from private people or companies aren’t analyzed by Hacettepe university.


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