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What is royal jelly

What is Ari sutuWhat is Royal Jelly

The structure of royal jelly royal jelly: 5-15 days of young workers bees secreted from the secretion glands in the head is a special food.

Appearance creamy-white color. It is found in the cells where the larva candidate to be queen. Royal jelly contains important substances for human health and nutrition.

Genuine royal jelly It is taken from the cells where the queen larva is located. It is used for human consumption.When the queen egg is fed by the working bees with the royal jelly in the larvae, the life of the queen will last between 3 and 7 years and breeding 3500 egg will be occur.

pure native royal jelly
Normal worker bee 5-15 days of young worker bees in the head of the glands are fed from the glands of worker bees in the period of flowering bees to live in the nature of 40 to 60 days, while the winter period of six to six months to live. it is ...

The benefit of royal jelly

Ari milk benefits
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