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Benefits of Anzer Pollen

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What are the benefits of Anzer Pollen

Pollens are the reproductive cells of the plants where bees move around the thousands of flowers in the Anzer plateau and carry them with their hind legs and store them in the honeycomb pores to meet the hive's to feed their young. Anzer plateau which have a thousand kinds of flowers also surrounded by endemic flowers and the causacian bees which collect the pollen from those special flowers then carry them to their hives

Anzer Pollen is a food with high nutritional value in terms of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. In addition, Anzer pollen is a much higher quality product compared to other pollen because it consists of 1000 sorts of flowers and endemic taxa which are unique in the world.

How to Use Anzer Pollen

Adults: A tablespoon with an empty stomach at least one hour before meals in the morning and evening
Children; A dessert spoon with an empty stomach at least one hour before meals in the morning and evening
Babies; Morning and evening at least one hour before the meal with an empty stomach. You should give a teaspoon with warm milk or water also you may make sherbet.

Anzer pollen

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Children under 0-2 years of age are not recommended to consume honey and pollen.
It is recommended to be consumed at least one hour before meals on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.
Ingredients of Anzer Pollen; Pollen is the reproductive cells found in the end parts of the reproductive organs of plants.
Pollen is used by the bees in large quantities in the feeding of young and in the feeding of young worker bees secreting royal jelly.
Pollen, which is an important source of protein in bee nutrition, is a valuable nutrient due to its fats, carbohydrates, fibers, minerals, amino acids and phenolic compounds and vitamins.

Anzer Pollen benefits

Anzer pollen which is made by the caucasian bees
They bring in the Anzer pollen to their hives to feed their young. The Anzer plateau has a unique flora due to its rich endemic flower species and has a high rate of minerals and vitamins.

The chemical contents, color, taste, smell and appearance of pollen varies by plant species. It is mostly yellow and it is possible to find black, purple and pink pollen. Since Anzer Plateau host many flowers and endemic species, Pollen content have opulent variety. In addition, the source of honey is determined by the analysis of pollen content.

Pollen Production;

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Pollen is collected using pollen traps. The pollen carried by the bees passing through the traps, which can be mounted to the hive inlet in different ways, accumulates in the trap chamber. The pollen accumulated in the reservoir is discharged at intervals of 1-2 days and dried in drying cabinets at a temperature not exceeding 42 ° C and the water rate is reduced to 7-8%. The pollen, which is then passed through sieves and cleaned, is packaged in an airtight manner and stored at room temperature for storage for up to 6 months in cold environment for longer periods of storage. Dried and cleaned pollen to be stored in the freezer for a long time.

Experiments on pollen have shown that pollen collection does not have a significant negative effect on the development of the colony and consequently on honey production.

Consumption of pollen

As mentioned earlier, pollen are the only natural food that maintains all necessary ingredients for the development and growth of the organism in proper balance.

Pollen should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, at least one hour before breakfast or at least 4 hours after dinner, preferably before bedtime with warm milk or fresh fruit juices.

How to use (consume) Anzer pollen;

18 + age group (young adults - adults) 15-40 gr
6-12 age group (children) 10-15 gr
3-5 age group (babies) 5-15 gr
One tablespoon of dry pollen is about 10 g.
pollen benefits

Warning: It is recommended that first-time pollen buyers begin with small amounts of half a teaspoon, and gradually increase to ideal doses over time!
The general benefits of Anzer Poleni can be summarized as follows:

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