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Propolis harm

benefits of propolisHarm of Propolis:

It is used in the form of general use worldwide,

As a result of recent scientific studies in our country, propolis is dissolved in water and used in water-based form.

Propolis harm:

Propolis is not recommended for children under two years of age.

People who are allergic to honey products are recommended to use with a doctor's advice if they wish to use propolis.

solid propolis

People with sensitive body structure may not be suitable for use, and in such cases, it is recommended to use the doctor's advice.

In the other hand, a consumer who uses propolis should go to the nearest health institutionin case of redness, itching, skin loss. It is recommended to have an allergy test immediately.

It is recommended that people with severe asthma be used with the advice of a doctor when using propolis.

natural propolis

It is recommended that people using chemical drugs should be used again without the advice of a doctor.

It is recommended to use if the consumer is pregnant under the control of the doctor during pregnancy and lactation,

People who use propolis with alcohol may have problems such as nausea and vomiting.

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