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The Damages of Anzer Honey 

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The taste of Anzer Honey is not like the taste of chestnut honey which have bittersweet like a comar flower (Mad Honey). Anzer Honey is a kind of flower honey.
Anzer honey is very rich in endemic flora at a height of 2500 - 3000 m and is produced by thousand kinds of flowers in a natural environment with herbaceous plants and away from chemicals.

Pollen Allergic people are recommended to use with the advice of a doctor. Due to the rich variety of pollen of Anzer Honey and the unique endemic flowers in thousands of species, it is suitable to be used with the advice of a doctor.

Anzer Honey is not suitable for children under the age of 1.5 In Anzer plateau after the 20th of May pollen flow begins to come in the plateau and this pollen flow lasts until the last week of August. Caucasian bees can bring Anzer Pollen in the plateau every day when the weather is good, which causes the bee to store many kinds of pollen in the hive. In Anzer Plateau, Bees Honey bring it in certain periods when the weather is clear and the flowers are honeyed.

Anzer honey is recommended by using Anzer Honey and Anzer pollen together to gain all the benefit from every flower in Anzer because it is Anzer flowers (pollen) that give the quality to anzer honey. Anzer pollen is the main element that improves the quality of Anzer honey.
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