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Anzer Honey Sales

S.S. Anzer Balıköy Agrıcultural Development Cooperative Presıdency 

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WE ARE ; AS AN OFFICIAL NAME: S.S ANZER BALLIKÖY AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT COOPERATIVE, Anzer honey and pollen which is produced by our grandfathers since the time of the Ottoman Empire and sent to the Ottoman Palace as a quality honey.

We have established ANZER AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE in our village in order to transport Anzer honey and pollen to our people in the most secure way from our village. Our goal is prevent the imitated anzer honey selling which we may find in honey shops, supermarkets or online sites easily and we are also claim to deliver genuine anzer honey and anzer pollen to our consumers in the most reliable and high quality way. As

S.S. ANZER BALLIKÖY COOPERATIVE our products anzer honey and pollen are registered by trademark, sealed, labeled, warranty tape and approvement by Anzer pleteau flora and we offer to our valuable consumers in the most reliable way. We market the Anzer honey and pollen ,which we produce in Anzer pleteau, from our salesroom in Rize and by only our websites which , , , .

Other than these, we do not have any sales point or sales distributorship in any province of our country. The center of our Anzer Ballıköy cooperative is Rize- City center. The members of our Anzer ballıköy cooperative are residents and beekeepers of Anzer Pleteau (village). The most imitated and counterfeit honey in the world is the Anzer honey. It’s important that our clients who wants to purchase Anzer products should be aware of this caution and purchase only from cooperative salesroom or online websites.

Our Anzer honey producers bring the honey that they produces to our cooperative offive after harvesting the honey in August and under at least 3-4 people from cooperative management supervision and food engineer, samples are taken from 250 Gr honey jars and the jar is weighed numbered and recorded and The remaining honey is given the same number and weighed into 3 copies of Anzer cooperative book. One of the 3 copies of the honey samples stays on the producer, one of the honey sample sent to analysis, and the last one stays in our cooperative. Honey received from the manufacturer is sealed and put in our alarmed steel cabinets.

The sample of 250 GR is sent to the HACETTEPE UNIVERSITY, FACULTY OF SCIENCE, DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY. Rize İkizdere province, Anzer Ballıköy residents, beekeepers and our esteemed professor from Hacettepe University Pr. Dr. Kadriye SORKUN

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Pollen analysis, moisture, sugar, glucose and sucrose assays are performed in honey. Anzer honey is notified to our cooperative with an official letter. Hacettepe University does not test the Anzer honey for any other individual people or companies except our cooperative.

In Anzer Honey

• Pollen analysis in honey (suitability to Anzer flora)
• The presence of fake sugar in honey
• Humidity
• Glucose
• sucrose
• Hmf rate
• The presence of drug residues is analyzed.

whether the honey analyzed by Hacettepe university conforms to the anzer flora is notified to our cooperative with an official letter. The Anzer honey are returned to our manufacturers if they do not comply with Anzer flora.
The analysis fees of Anzer honey which sent to the analys are request from the producer.

Anzer honeys which are compatible with Anzer pleteau flora are weighed and received from the manufacturer. At least 3 people from the management of our cooperative and under the supervision of a food engineer, 250 grams, 500 grams and 1000 grams are filled into glass jars and security bandages are shot , labelled sealed and packaged with the name of S.S Anzer Ballıköy cooperative brand.

Until today , we have complaints with judicial authorities about individuals and specific organizations that have tried to imitate our brand. Our desire and aim of protection to Anzer honey continues unshakably.

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