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Anzer Honey Price

s.s Anzer Honey Cooperative  

 Anzer Honey and Anzer Pollen Price 2019 - 2020 Year Price

  It is as follows.

1 k Anzer Honey Price: €  409  Anzor Pollen 100 Gr Price:  130 TL
500 Gr Anzer Honey Price:  € 185  200 Gr Anzer Pollen Price:  250 TL
250 Gr Anzer Honey Price: 250  TL    Anzor Pollen 400 Gr Price:  470 TL


2017 -2018 Season Anzer Honey Price was determined as 900 TL .
2019-2020 season Anzer Honey Price was determined as 1000 TL.

The price of Anzer Honey renews the prices after you milking honey in August .

                                                              Anzer Honey
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