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What is Organic Honey?

organic honeyWhat is Organic Honey?

Organic honey, which is produced by bees from nectars of natural flowers in forests or pastures that do not contribute to any chemical products in nature, is called organic honey.

Natural forests in Rize and Artvin and high altitude highlands are suitable areas for organic honey production.

Organic Honey;

Private law and regulations are made according to the rules.

Organic Agriculture Law;

Law No: 5262 Date of Admission: 01/12/2004


The purpose of this Law is to; to provide the consumer with reliable, quality products and organic products and inputs to ensure the development of the necessary measures to ensure the production of procedures and principles.

Control and certification body:

They are natural or legal persons authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture to control and certify all stages of the production of the organic product or input from the production to the consumer.

Organic Farming Principles and Regulations on the Implementation of Article 21

Important Rules of Organic Honey Production:

Environment should be forest or natural grassland,
The nectar should come from natural flower,
The pesticides area of the colony should be at least three km away from
The region the use of suitable bee races and the main bee
colonies and keeping records of production, no
sugar feeding,
basic honeycomb should be produced from natural and organic beeswax,
colony is used for the health of the drugs being organic,
eehive, beekeeping equipment and honey containers should be hygienic,
 Organic products and certification should be under the logos of company.

Approximately three-quarters of the Rize and Artvin provinces are forest areas and these forests are rich in nectar-giving plants such as Karayemiş, Forest Rose, Karaçalı, Chestnut Linden and Blackberry.

natural honey

Rize Kaçkar plateau of clover in natural pasture next to the endemic species richness of nature in the high parts, Sage, Thyme, Geven, There are also natural honey plants which are very important in honey production such as Korunga, Ballıbaba, Pied crown, Mustard Natural forests in Rize and Artvin and high altitude highlands are suitable areas for organic honey production.

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