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Anzer Plateau

Anzer PlateauAnzer Plateau

Anzer Plateau, as an another name is Anzer Ballıköy plateau is far 90 km from the city of Rize. Kırklar Mountain is one of the important heights of the province.

Anzer ; The Anzer Plateau, which is surrounded by Meles, Petran Kabohor, Ohçor, Çahmas and Hayaya Plateaus, is on its way to become an important tourism center with its geographical features.

Anzer plateau, which can be reached from Ikizdere district of Rize, is also connected with Çoruh river, Bayburt and Uzungöl which is the center of tourism of Trabzon Province.
Anzer Plateau It is a famous plateau with Anzer honey in the world and in our country due to its unique endemic vegetation.

anzer flowers anzer endemic flower Anzer Plateau

Anzer Platou
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