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Anzer Honey

Anzer Honey Anzer honey is the best of the flower honey varieties and Anzer honey which is produced in Turkey and having non-imitatiable honey flora and flower varieties such as 450-500 species according to the researchers of English and German botanists has also 8-90 kinds of endemic flowers only belong to Anzer Ballıköy.

And the honey bees collect pollens and carry them to their hives to make them Anzer honey. With the first week of june, The Anzer, which took the first step in spring and greenery regions which is partly snowy with snowdrop (glaonthus) flower, complete its awesome beauty that begins in june and carries to the summit in august. The bees, which opened their eyes to flowers in the last week of june, complete their honey until the middle of august.

Anzer Honey Cooperative In Anzer, depending on the climate conditions, honey is taken from the hives by the process called milking (harvesting) in the first or second week of august. The amount of honey production varies depending on whether and eraly mowing of meadows. There have been years that Anzer honey was a little or not at all. In anzer pleteau arboreal plants are not grown so Anzer honey should only contain pollen from only endemic flowers grown in Anzer pleteau, otherwise its mean that is not the original Anzer honey. Pollen analysis are performed to see if Anzer honey is geniune Anzer honey. The bees is not fed with sugar or any other kinds of additives.

Anzer honey harvest without heat treatment. Since tempetures above 40 ° C neutralize the enzymes and pollen rate in the honey, cold harvesting (milking) is performed. Anzer honey is not the one of the normal honey used (consume) for breakfast. Anzer honey is the honey that is analyzed and registered at Hacettepe University in Ankara. Anzer honey is a high quality honey that has been used since the ottoman empire.

Benefits of Anzer Honey

According to judgement of ministry of health, we can not allowed to uncover the benefits of the product that is why we didn’t explain the benefits of anzer honey capaciously. Due to anzer honey turns into the energy real quick when it consumed, the people who is interest in swimming, athletism, trecking, basketball, soccer, weight lifting and cycling can also use it with safely.

Dear consumers when you purchase the anzer honey and anzer pollen be cautious, some of the people trying to sell the imitated anzer honey and anzer pollan, which is not related with the real anzer honey and anzer pollen at all, with the commercial purpose.

Anzer Bali Anzer Honey Instructions for Use :

if the consumer is a patient (ill) we recommed you to consult the doctor before use. anzer honey consuming divided into 3 ceptions as adults, toddlers (children) and babies. The taste of anzer honey is not bitterweet as miel fou, chestnut, or komar honey are. It doesn’t decrease the blood pressure.

Hov To Consume Anzer Honey ;

Adults ; 1 tablespoon, at least 1 hour ago before meal at morning and evening (when counsumers are hungry).

Toddlers (chlidren) ; 1 dessertspoon, at least 1 hour ago before meal at morning and evening (when counsumers are hungry).

Babies ; 1 teaspoon, at least 1 hour ago before meal at morning and evening (when counsumers are hungry).

Caution !! We are not recommend to consume under 2 age babies.

Anzer honey, pollen, royal jelly, and propolis mixture (apitera).

anzer apitera

For 1 kg anzer honey (2 lb or 3.27 oz.) ;
200 or 400 gr anzer pollen (0.44 lb and 7.05 oz. for 200 0,88 lb and 14.10 oz. for 400)100 gr royal jelly (bee milk ) 0.22 lb or 3.52 oz.

100 gr firm porpolis (0.22 lb or 3.52 oz. )

20 gr (0.04 lb or 0.70 oz.) ginger powder

30 gr ground black cumin seeds (0.06 lb or 1.05 oz.)

20 gr centaury oil (0.04 lb or 0.70 oz. )

20 gr cinnamon (0.04 lb or 0.70 oz. )

Note; costumers may consume this mixture with warm milk.

All the ingredients should be mixed in a jar weights 2 kilogram (6,57 oz. or 4 lb )
for perfect mixture.

NOTE; costumers should consume the mixture (apitera) 1 hour ago before breakfast.

For adults ; 1 tablespoon
For children ; 1 dessert spoon
For babies (2+); 1 teaspoon
At least 1 hour after the dinner at night

Caution; Do not use the metal spoon for mixture, costumers must use the wooden spoon. To people who are allergic to bee products, may consult a doctor.

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