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anzer bali benefits

Anzer Honey Benefits

What are the benefits of Anzer Honey?

benefits of anzer bali
Polyphonic ratio of Anzer honey is much higher than other honey types in scientific studies on Anzer honey. In another experiments, Anzer honey was found to be richer and richer in terms of Iron FE, Zinc ZN minarets than other honeys. 

What are the benefits of anzer bali

We are unable to publish the benefits of Anzer honey on our website due to the ban on publication that the Ministry of Health has received with the benefits of all food products.

It can be used for strengthening and alleviating fatigue of people engaged in sports such as swimming, mountaineering, athletics, basketball, football, weightlifting and cycling, especially because it is a ready-made food that quickly turns into energy.

Severe patients using Anzer Honey (We recommend to use with doctor's advice)

honey-eater child

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