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Natural Royal Jelly 50 gr

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Royal Jelly can be stored in the refrigerator - 18 degrees for 18 months. In the meantime, contact with the metal spoon should be avoided. Choose wooden or plastic spoons instead. Protect royal jelly from exposure to sunlight.

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    Bee milk

     1. The structure of royal jelly royal jelly: 5-15 days old young worker bees secreted from the secretory glands in the head is a special food. Appearance creamy-white   color. It is found in the cells where the larva candidate to be queen. 

     2. Royal Jelly Production: Royal jelly production: queen bee production is carried out by the mentioned larval transfer method. 

     2-3 days after the transfer, the larvae in the cell are discarded and the remaining milk is taken into colored bottles with a wooden spoon or vacuum.

     This process should be done in an environment without sunlight and pure royal jelly should be kept under 5 C. During the period in which the nectar and  

    pollen sources are good, 
    production with strong colonies can be obtained from approximately 200 mg of royal jelly from a cell.

    pure milk

    3. Consumption of Royal Jelly : Royal jelly can be consumed with honey as well in the morning on an empty stomach, at least an hour before breakfast, and it is known that if its consumed by sucking under the tongue iw will be more accurate and more beneficial.

    The average daily dose for adults is  500 mg (1 g) is recommended.

    In children, a dose a half of teaspoon for the adult and quarter of teaspoon for children but before consume it please take doctor advice.

    Note: For more detailed information about royal jelly, please rvisit the Bee products section on our website.

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